A Sustainable Thought


We, at Artemis Cast Stone, have redefined how aesthetically-crafted architectural masterpieces are made. By using dust from quarries as aggregates for cast stone, we prevent the destruction of mountains as well as control air pollution caused by the dust.

Artemis discourages the wrecking of mountains
anymore. We have enough raw materials to
suffice all the stone product requirements.

With a single cast you can have multiple
piece of art created, with different colour
and texture options.

With the waste quarry dust we add our secret ingredients
and get the desired strength,texture and colour, all that
you ever desired of a stone product.

Demolition of mountains disrupts the
ecological balance and the
habitat to several living forms.

The breakdown of mountains produces
unmanageable waste quarry dust
which has always been a tough to
dispose material.

For every piece of stone art a
piece of mountain needs to be